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Training hunting spaniels since 1993

an AKC licensed club     

 Club Officers and Directors

President Paul MorrisonPresident -- Paul R. Morrison
11450 Durand Rd. Howell, MI  48855
Phone: (517) 552-1663 Email:

Paul and his wife Lynn obtained their first AWS in 1988. Within a year they were hooked and have gone on to own many AWS. They bred their first litter of pups in 1992. Over the years Paul has been active in a variety of canine pursuits including participating in conformation, obedience, and field training. Many of his dogs have earned AKC and UKC titles in both the conformation and obedience rings. Paul has worked for over a decade as a professional trainer concentrating most on obedience instruction and field training. Paul is a licensed AKC Spaniel Hunt Test judge and worked passionately to obtain AKC classification of the AWS. He trains his dogs as all-around hunting dogs working with other spaniel and retriever trainers on a regular basis.

Vice-president Jim BrownVice-president -- Jim Brown
8000 Lakeside Blvd., Hale, MI 48739
989-257-1038 Email: 

Jim has been around dogs all of his life and for the most part prefers them to people. He remembers walking with his dad pheasant hunting before he was old enough to go to school. When he was 11 years old he started hunting pheasant with an old single shot 20 gauge Stevens with a hammer. For Jim, hunting was a way of life. In the late 60s the pheasant population diminished in Michigan. Jim turned to duck hunting. He loves training dogs and marvels at their natural instincts. Jim feels that the AWS should be promoted as a top notch retriever and versatile hunting dog. He believes that the AWS can compete with the "big boys" and won't be left on the porch. Jim hunts over his dog Riley and the two of them can be seen at the majority of the Great Lakes AWSC training events.

Secretary -- Sandy Collins
2780 Hummer Lake Rd., Ortonville, MI 48462
Home phone: 248-961-0625  Email:

Sandy was first introduced to the American Water Spaniel as a teenager but it was not until a 2014 that she got her first AWS, Easton, at the request of her husband. Since Easton joined her family, Sandy has become an active member of the GLAWSC attending most training events and hunt tests sponsored by our club. Easton has been trained for upland and waterfowl hunting, was handled by Sandy to his AKC championship, and will hopefully enter hunt tests beginning in 2018.

GarryTreasurer -- Gary McCullough
2352 Palm Dale Dr., Wyoming MI  49509
616-532-2965 Email:

Gary has been a member of the GLAWSC since 2003. He has owned three AWS since getting his first dog, Kali, in 2002. Currently he has Brutus and Mari who are constant companions. He participates in our training sessions whenever he has the opportunity and has dabbled with hunt tests a few times over the years.

Director Paul ChibaDirector -- Paul Chiba
2795 Hickory Nut Lane, Kalamazoo, MI 49004-3196
Home phone:269-385-3496 Email:

Paul has owned AWS for more than 20 years. An avid hunter, Paul has pursued ducks, pheasant, geese and various varieties of grouse in Michigan and the prarie states. He is a founding member of the club and will be found at nearly every one of its events. Paul is an integral part of every training session and the club's honorary head of raffel sales. His thoughts and ideas have been a valuable asset of the Great Lakes AWSC.